Helsinki Finland: The Abandoned Villas of Kruunuvuori

Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Forest walk

Discovering Kruunuvuori – Couchsurfing & Local Knowledge

Before I arrive in a new city I like to do a bit of research and find out what there is to see and do, I also always do a google image search so I can get an idea of what kind of photography I might be able to take.

However during my research on Helsinki I didn’t find anything about the place I’m about to show you photos of, and that’s because it’s not a popular tourist attraction, probably because it’s a bit alternative, but that’s right up my alley.

The only way you would find out about a place like Kruunuvuori is through a local, which is exactly how I found out about it. When I stayed in Helsinki I used (couch-surfing connects travellers with locals, and it allows you to stay at their place so you can have a local experience) So while I was in Helsinki I stayed with Emmi, she had a day of work while I was in Helsinki so she took me to Kruunuvuori which I loved, thanks for being an awesome host and showing me around Emmi!

About Kruunuvuori – Helsinki’s Ghost Town

Kruunuvuori is an entire neighborhood of abandoned villas on a beautiful forest site by the water.

I’m not 100% sure how the story goes but apparently the villas were built in the 1800’s and it was a summer site for the upper-class, since then the site has gone through a few different owners with the most recent owner taking over in the 70’s which is when the houses were left abandoned, the new owner had planned on developing the area but I think ran into a lot of problems, so nothing happened and the villas remained as they were.

Kruunuvuori is definitely the most interesting thing I saw in Helsinki, I’m not sure how much longer this place will exist but if your visiting Helsinki then I highly recommend wandering around the forest and exploring the villas, taking photos and imagining what this place was once like.

How to get there? 

From the city center it takes about 45 minutes to get there with public transport. Catch the metro to Herttoniemi, then catch Buss 88 (towards Kaitalahti) and get off at the final stop, then keep walking to the end of the road and on the right hand side you should find a path leading into the forest, it’s about a 5 minute walk until you start finding some abandoned villas.

Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Forest path
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - 1st Villa
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Inside Graffiti
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - old letter
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Reading the paper
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Still reading the paper
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Villa falling down
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - More graffiti
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - More graffiti
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Inside the villas
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - rooftop views
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Rooftop Villa
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Even more graffiti
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Green graffiti
Kruunuvuori Abandoned Villas - Beautiful Villa
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