In June 2017 I spent 17 days exploring Tasmania. The purpose of my trip was to visit and photograph some of the most beautiful landscapes I could find.

A lot of planning and research was done before I started this trip as I wanted to know where all of the best spots were and how long it was going to take me to get around. Now I want to share my itinerary to help anyone who is wanting to travel Tasmania in search of beautiful locations either just to visit or to photograph.

When to visit Tasmania?

Photographers can visit Tasmania all year round. I visited Tasmania in June (which is the middle of winter). It was pretty cold at night but it also meant that some of the mountains were covered in snow, which makes for even more beautiful and interesting photos. Since there aren’t many places in Australia where it snows, I was pretty happy with the time of year I decided to visit.

How much time do I need?

There is a lot to see and do in Tasmania, I spent 17 days all up (although I had about 4-5 days where I didn’t do much and was just relaxing). I think you could spend a minimum of 12 to 20+ days depending on how much you want to see and how active you are each day, and, of course how lucky you are with the weather.

How to get to Tasmania?

There are only two options, you can either fly or catch the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Melbourne to Davonport.

Ferry or Fly?

If you are going to travel Tasmania you are definitely going to need a vehicle to get to all the amazing places. I decided the most economical option for me would be to ship my van across with Spirit of TasmaniaSpirit of Tasmania travels from Melbourne to Davenport daily with the journey taking between 9-11 hours.

In summer it leaves twice a day (with a day sail and a night sail). I travelled there in winter, when there is only the night sail option which leaves Melbourne at 7.30 pm and arrives in Davenport at 7 am. I took the option to get a cabin so I had a bed to sleep in for the night which meant I was well rested and ready to start exploring Tasmania the following day.

About to drive my van onto Spirit of Tasmania.

Where to go?

There is so much to see and do in Tasmania. I have listed the 16 different locations to check out – but obviously there were lots of places I missed out on.

To travel in an anti-clockwise loop around Tasmania starting, and finishing from Davonport you should visit the following places (in locational order):

Cradle Mountain, Montezuma Falls, Queenstown & Iron Blow, Nelsons Falls, Pumphouse Point, Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Lady Barron Falls, Gordon’s Dam, Hobart & Mt. Wellington, Cape Raoul, Port Arthur, Cape Hauy, Tasman Arch, Freycient (Wineglass Bay), Bingalong Bay, Ben Lomand National Park and the finally back to Davonport.

Google Map

I’ve mapped out the route I took for my trip in google maps, you can save this map into your own google maps to help with your trip around Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain & Dove Lake

Drive from Davenport to Cradle Mountain – 78km (1hr 15min drive)

Cradle Mountain is the first stop and is my favourite place in Tasmania to photograph. The best view point is only 100 meters away from the visitors carpark. Sunrise is definitely the best time to visit. There is also a boat shed which is great to photograph and it is only a 20 min walk to get to. There are also a heap of other hikes that have an amazing view point of Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain, but I unfortunately didn’t have the best weather conditions so I decided to skip the hikes and do a lap around Dove Lake, which was beautiful. 2-3 days is a good amount of time to stay in Cradle Mountain.

First stop Cradle Mountain, I didn’t even have to leave the carpark to get an amazing view.

Walked about 100 meters from the carpark down to Dove Lake with Cradle Mountain in the background… what a view!!

About a 20 min walk from the carpark along the lake heading right and you’ll find an old boat shed.

Montezuma Falls

Drive from Cradle Mountain to Montezuma Falls – 76km (1hr 10min drive)

Montezuma Falls is the largest waterfall in Tasmania standing at 104 meters. It is about a 8 km return hike, the track is pretty flat so it will only take about 2 1/2 hour to do the return hike.